Blue Fin Sushi Duluth

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Q: Are you open Mondays?

A: No, we are not except for large private parties (please speak to management for these parties if you are interested)



Q: Are you guys related to the other Blue Fins around town?

A: Nope! We are not affiliated with any other Blue Fin in town. We are one of a kind!



Q: Do you do delivery?

A: No. But we gladly do take out! But please note we can not do to-go noodle items that are in a broth.



Q: Do you have a full bar?

A: No, only bottled beers, house wines, and various sake. Please ask your server what wines and sake are in stock.



Q: Do you do noodle take-out?

A: We can only do take out if the noodles do not come with a soup, but instead with a dipping sauce. We pride ourselves on our noodles and they are more enjoyable when dining in. However, if you HAVE to get our noodles to-go, please bring your own pot or container -- we'll be glad to make it for you.



Q: Can I order lunch menu items if it is not on the dinner menu?

A: Someimes. It really depends on how busy we are but we'll try our best to accommodate your order.



Q: If the sushi (roll) I want isn't on the menu can I order it?

A: Yes, as long as you know what is in it, the sushi chef can make it for you most of the time and dependent upon ingredients available. Also ask if we have Blue Fin tuna in! Most of the time though, we do.


Q: Do you sell your dressing, sauces, etc.?

A: No, sorry. But we can give you a sample size to take home. Our dressing, sauces, etc are all home-made including our low-sodium soy sauce. 



Q: Is hot green tea free?

A: Yes, for dine-in only


Q: Do you cater? 

A: No. But we can sometimes make special orders of Bento boxes for large groups. Just call in and ask about it and we can try to work something out.



Q: Is the food good?

A: Yes! It's amazingly good and fresh! Definitely worth the wait!



Q: Are you on Facebook?

A: Yes we are. Become a fan! (search for "Blue Fin Sushi")

Please remember to tip your servers, Thank you!